Nike Sustainability “Move to Zero” Strategy released

Nike sustainability strategy "Move to Zero" details the seven key steps towards a more sustainable business for this footwear giant.

Nike sustainability strategy “Move to Zero” was unveiled in New York this week, heralding the companies most conclusive sustainability move to date. 

Nike Move to Zero Campaign Launch
Nike Sustainability Move to Zero Campaign Launch. Source: Nike

The strategy has one distinct aim, help protect the future of sport. The changes to the environment and climate as a result of global warming impacts the ability of athletes to perform. Move to Zero looks to address this.

The campaign is launched in the same week as the Global Climate Strike, and one week ahead of the United Nations Climate Action Summit. With sustainability becoming the most talked about issue by both global leaders and the global population, the timing by Nike is no surprise. 

Nike Sustainability Move to Zero Campaign Launch No Planet No Sport
Nike Sustainability: No Planet No Sport. Source: Nike

Launched at Nike headquarters in New York, Nike Chief Sustainability Officer Noel Kinder stressed that sustainability is more than just a corporate buzzword for Nike.

We plan to take climate action the only way Nike knows how – with an athlete’s mindset of adaptability, persistence, relentlessness and determination.

Noel Kinder, Chief Sustainability Officer, Nike. Source:

The critical elements of the strategy are detailed:

  1. Power Nike facilities with 100% renewable energy by 2025. 
  2. Reduce carbon emissions across the Nike global supply chain by 30% by 2030.
  3. Focus on a circular economy and equipping the world with the brightest thinking through
  4. Divert 99% of all Nike footwear manufacturing waste from landfills.
  5. Divert more than 1 billion plastic bottles per year from landfills to create yarns for Nike jerseys and uppers for Flyknit shoes.
  6. The Reuse-A-Shoe and Nike Grind programs will convert waste into new products, playgrounds, running tracks and courts. 
  7. Eliminate single-use plastics on our global campuses.
Nike Move to Zero Campaign Launch Air
Nike Air. Move to Zero Campaign Launch. Source: Nike

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