Recycled Plastic Sunglasses: Good Citizens

The world is drowning in single-use plastic bottles. One way to reduce the impact is to turn this waste into another product. Enter Recycled Plastic Sunglasses with Good Citizens.

There are two key movements in the fight against plastic. Either find more sustainable alternatives to plastic or find better ways to reuse and recycle.

A new Australian sunglasses brand, Good Citizens, is firmly focused on the second option, taking single-use plastic bottles and directly turning them into sunglasses. Every pair of sunglasses is made exclusively from recycled plastic bottles, with the lenses being the only non-plastic element.


Along with being made from waste material, the business model for Good Citizens aims at making every pair of recycled plastic sunglasses easily repairable. The modular system allows for parts to be replaced, with the aim of extended the overall life of the product.

Good Citizens Sunglasses made from recycles plastic bottles
Good Citizens Sunglasses made from recycles plastic bottles

The brand has launched a Kickstarter campaign aimed at getting this new eco-friendly sunglasses concept off the ground. At the time of writing, the campaign had reached 276% funding with two weeks left! Be sure to check out the campaign now and support a great concept.

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