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Sustainability podcasts, and eCommerce podcasts for that matter, are becoming a vital source of discussion on sustainability and ethical business practices. We provide an ongoing list of the podcasts listened to at The Ecobahn HQ.

Whilst still a relatively niche sector, eCommerce, retail and sustainability podcasts are becoming more prevalent. Here, we provide an ongoing list of the podcasts listened to at The Ecobahn HQ.

More than ever, eCommerce and sustainability podcasts are becoming a rich source of information and discussion on sustainable and ethical business practices.

We regularly get asked for recommendations on podcasts that are sustainability and eCommerce related. So, we’ve decided to create this post to keep you regularly updated on the episodes and podcast series we’ve been following.

There’s no particular rhyme or reason to this list, other than simply sharing podcasts we have enjoyed each week- and we’d love to hear any of your recommendations for podcasts we should be listening to!

Updated 28th March 2021

Ecobahn Sustainability Podcasts- Climate Crisis and Football Guardian Weekly

28th March 2021

Guardian Football Weekly: Climate Crisis and Football

Any Football/Soccer fans will be very familiar with the Guardian Football Weekly podcast.

The ‘Climate Crisis and Football‘ episode deep dives into the carbon footprint of football, with guests including Dale Vince, Chairman of Forest Green Rovers football club who are leading the way in football club sustainability.

Courier Workshop Carbon Footprint Podcast- The Ecobahn

31st August 2020

Courier Workshop: Carbon Footprints

Courier Workshop is a London-based media brand providing content and guidance for a new generation who want to live and work on their own term.

The ‘Courier Workshop’ series takes a weekly deep-dive into one essential concept and unpacks it. This week its Carbon Footprints with varied insights from both brands and technology providers on how to start measuring including Allbirds, Wholegrain Digital and Doconomy.

Business of Hype Podcast with Veja Sebastian Kopp- Ecobahn

14th June 2020

Business of Hype: Veja Footwear

The Business of Hype podcast from Hypebeast involves host Jeff Staple speaking with the leading voices and brands from across the fashion industry.

Episode 75 is an incredible interview with Sebastian Kopp, co-founder and creative director of Veja Footwear. Amazing insight into disrupting the footwear industry with a sustainable sneaker, long before sustainability became a talked-about subject.

Edie Podcast Sustainable Business Covered- Ecobahn

2nd June 2020

The edie Sustainable Business Covered Podcast

The edie Sustainable Business Covered Podcast is a bi-weekly sustainability podcast dedicated to the people and projects that are transforming business.

The Net-Zero Week podcast (Part Two) delves into net-zero targets, with hugely interesting discussions surrounding the offset vs carbon reduction debate.

Sustain This Vivobarefoot Regeneration Podcast Advert with Alice Wilby

18th May 2020

Sustain This? Vivobarefoot Sustainability Podcast

The ‘Sustain This? Regeneration Podcast’ from footwear brand Vivobarefoot is a series of podcasts exploring the meaning of regeneration and sustainability.

Emma Foster-Geering speaks with Alice Wilby from Fashion Action for Extinction Rebellion, discussing the issues of overproduction and overconsumption in the fashion industry, and the associated industry-wide greenwashing.

Sustainable You Podcast Episode 8 with Manrags

3rd May 2020

Sustainable You Podcast

The Sustainable You Podcast, presented by Jacqui Kidman & Lisa Whiston, aims to teach you practical and easy ways to become more sustainable.

Episode 8, the team meet with Michael Elias, Founder of MANRAGS. Initially starting with an eCommerce sock subscription model, MANRAGS is focused on creating a circular eCommerce model for clothing.

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