ASOS Electric Vehicle Pilot with Liefery

ASOS partner with German logistics pioneer Liefery to create a pilot delivery service in Berlin using Tropos electric vehicles.

The ASOS electric vehicle pilot sees the eCommerce fashion giant trialling an e-van scheme with German logistics partner Liefery. The two companies have joined forces to run a series of trial electric delivery vans across Berlin, which are completely emission-free.

Both ASOS and Liefery are looking to make a significant impact on their carbon footprints, in an effort to offer more sustainable shipping options to their customers.

ASOS Electric Vehicle: Tropos ABLE E-Van

In the first pilot phase of the ASOS electric vehicle pilot, Liefery carried out specific time slot deliveries for ASOS across the German capital.

Parcel orders were delivered to customers in two special ASOS branded small e-vans that were supplied by Tropos Motors Europe. With the e-vehicles being fully electric, this meant that they produced zero emissions during their journeys across the greater Berlin area.

ASOS Electric Vehicle Pilot with Liefery The Ecobahn
ASOS Electric Vehicle Pilot with Liefery. Source: https://www.liefery.com/

In this first trial, the Liefery e-vehicles covered over 15,000 kilometres distance, which is the equivalent of around 90 journeys in a typical diesel van! The two Tropos ABLE e-transporters also delivered more than 2,000 parcels to 1,700 satisfied ASOS customers, saving around 3 tonnes of CO2.

ASOS and Liefery have been working together for the past two years, with Liefery as the exclusive logistics partner offering same-day and next-day deliveries across all urban/city areas in Germany. For ASOS, the partnership has been beneficial due to their large customer base who expect an efficient and precise delivery service from the eCommerce giant.

“We want to ensure every day that ASOS customers have a 100% positive delivery experience. With the branded vehicle, we can do this in many ways: on the one hand, the buyers are happy about an exclusive delivery experience, on the other hand, we also create awareness for the company itself by driving our emission-free e-vehicles through Berlin and not just fast but also deliver CO2-neutral.”

Nils Fischer, Co-founder & CEO, Liefery

Who are Liefery?

Founded in 2014 as an instant delivery platform inside the Lufthansa Group, Liefery is a German logistics business who offer premium delivery solutions. They serve the needs of brands who are looking to meet the increasing consumer demand for fast, flexible and time-convenient deliveries. The company prides itself on investing and creating a superior consumer experience.

Liefery state that they offer businesses tailor-made logistics solutions for their specific needs, such as:

  • Same-day delivery: evening delivery slot between 7 pm- 10 pm.
  • Next-day delivery: guaranteed next day delivery.
  • Grocery delivery: delivery of groceries, including frozen products.
  • Exclusive delivery: bespoke logistic solutions matched to specific service requirements.

All of the above are designed around when customers are likely to be at home, ensuring that Liefery adapts their delivery time slots to consumers’ lives and daily routines.

Liefery environmentally-friendly shipping
Liefery environmentally-friendly shipping with E-Cargo bikes. Source: https://www.liefery.com/

Environmentally-friendly shipping in Germany

The ASOS partnership and success of Liefery signals a possible shift towards more sustainable shipping methods in Germany.

In a recent survey conducted by the German e-commerce association bevh, 86% of German shoppers prefer environmentally-friendly delivery options and 60% also stressed the importance of ecological aspects when shopping on the Internet.

Not only is Liefery and ASOS cutting their own CO2 emissions through the trial scheme, but they are also offering German consumers a shopping experience without the guilt. We hope that the overall trial is a success and that similar schemes are rolled out across the rest of Europe and the world.

More information on the Liefery x ASOS Electric Vehicle Pilot can be viewed here

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