DPD x Volta Trucks: London Zero-Emission Pilot

The DPD x Volta Trucks collaboration will see the Volta Zero Electric Truck being used in a pilot scheme to deliver DPD parcels in central London

Scandinavian start-up Volta Trucks are partnering with the UK’s leading parcel delivery service DPD for the DPD x Volta Trucks pilot of the forthcoming Volta Zero Electric Truck. The Volta Zero scheme will be tested by DPD within London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in early 2021, supporting their micro-depot strategy. 

The trucks are fully-electric and produce zero emissions, and are designed to operate in inner-city environments such as the ULEZ. The London pilot, along with similar trials in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, will allow Volta to extensively test and providing real-world data and driver feedback to their engineers in the vehicle development programme.

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DPD x Volta Trucks Partnership

Volta Zero trucks have been designed to drive in central London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone, which is where DPD opened the UK’s first all-electric parcel depot in October 2018. They have since opened two more fully electric micro-depots, with facilities opening last year in Park Lane and Shoreditch, and it aims to open eight in total across the capital as part of its ‘micro-depot strategy.’

One of the main reasons behind the DPD x Volta Trucks partnership is that the pilot will help the UK logistics firm to accelerate its zero-emission delivery vision. DPD announced in July that more than 10% of its vehicle fleet is now fully electric, more than five months ahead of its 2020 end of year target.

DPD x Volta Trucks Carbon Neutral Delivery
DPD Carbon Neutral Delivery Strategy. Source: dpd.com

They now have 700 electric vehicles in its fleet. DPD has also delivered nearly five million emissions-free parcels since the start of the year, saving over two million kilograms of CO2!

“DPD are happy to announce a trial of the Volta Zero 16 tonne purpose-built fully electric vehicle planned for 2021. The vehicle is an ideal fit for our Urban Logistics strategy, and the fact that it will be the most sustainable commercial vehicle is a fantastic achievement too, and mirrors our own strategy to be the UK’s leader in sustainable delivery.”

Olly Craughan, CSR General Manager, DPD Group UK Ltd

Why Volta Trucks?

What is the basis for the DPD x Volta Trucks collaboration? Besides being an ideal fit for DPD’s urban logistics strategy, the Volta Zero truck has no tailpipe emissions and zero engine noise. Without a diesel engine, the redesign of the vehicle makes the vehicle much safer for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. 

Volta Zero Electric Truck The Ecobahn
Volta Zero Electric Truck. Source: https://www.voltatrucks.com/

The lack of emissions and engine noise allows the Volta Zero trucks to operate in London’s most regulated inner city and urban areas at all hours of the day, including at night. As such, Volta can offer optimised delivery time and the reduction of traffic in congested areas.

“As the world’s first purpose-built full-electric large commercial vehicle, the Volta Zero was specifically designed to deliver parcels and freight in inner-city locations where today’s air quality and noise pollution challenges are at their worst. The Volta Zero’s full-electric, zero-emission operation is perfectly suited to DPD’s distribution requirements within London’s strict Ultra Low Emission Zone, delivering parcels to Central London’s customers in a clean and efficient way.”

Rob Fowler, CEO, Volta Trucks

Find out more about Volta Zero Trucks

For more information about Volta’s zero-emissions vehicles and the sustainable benefits, they can bring, visit their website here. Also be sure to check-out the DPD sustainability strategy here.

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