Freight Brokers: UK Carbon Positive Shipping

UK based Freight Brokers provide a bespoke courier service, with the promise of carbon positivity at no extra cost. The 125% offset of the carbon footprint from package delivery allows retailers to provide a carbon neutral service as default.

Since March 2019, Freight Brokers have been providing exceptional courier services, to customers around the world, that promises carbon neutrality at no extra cost. 

Their delivery options offer eCommerce stores the chance to offset the carbon produced from the shipping of their products, for the same price and standard of service. Freight Brokers are providing a sustainable alternative for eCommerce and fashion brands with their climate positive shipping service.

Who are Freight Brokers?

Freight Brokers are wholesale international courier brokers. They work exclusively with leading worldwide carriers, such as DHL, to provide their customers with a fully-automated and trackable service, at competitive rates.

Freight Brokers started operating in 2005 and have since built up a client base of over 250 companies across retailers, wholesalers, importers and UK manufacturers. In early 2019, the company embraced a green agenda and started offering automatic 125% carbon offsets on all of their deliveries.

They have continued to look for ways to be more sustainable, setting up carbon-neutral projects in countries such as Brazil, India and China. Since they went green in March 2019, they have offset over 2.5 million kilograms of carbon! Freight Brokers plan to offset 250% of the carbon that their deliveries emit by 2025, continuing their commitment to sustainability for the foreseeable future.

Freight Brokers 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery

What can Freight Brokers offer retailers? 

Freight Brokers’ services have many benefits for retailers who decide to make the switch to sustainable shipping, such as:

  • Ensuring all shipping is achieved at 125% climate positive
  • Delivering a bespoke tailored service designed to be perfect for distinct business needs
  • Potential to reduce shipping costs

One of the significant benefits for a retailer to use Freight Brokers is the commitment they will make to climate-positive shipping. For each shipment that Freight Brokers make, they make a contribution to climate protection projects through the purchase of carbon credits. This neutralises the shipment’s CO2 emissions. 

They also supply their clients with carbon-neutral stickers for packages, so customers are aware the shipment has been made using a carbon-neutral service. They can also save their clients money, due to the exclusive deals they have with leading carriers that would be hard to match if negotiating alone.

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Why should retailers commit to sustainable shipping?

Consumers are looking for green, sustainable options when it comes to buying, especially in the retail and fashion industry. There has been a notable shift towards the use of recommerce and sustainable fashion, and businesses are beginning to adapt to these changes in consumer habits. Retailers are changing their usual production, manufacturing and shipping methods to become more environmentally friendly.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Freight Brokers have become so successful, with over 250 companies and brands using them for their shipping methods. Not only are their clients saving money, they’re also helping to offset the carbon they produce from shipping their products.

If you’re a retailer, then switching your shipping service to Freight Brokers could save you time and hard-earned money, while making a positive impact on your carbon footprint! For more information on Freight Brokers and the projects they’re undertaking, you can visit their website here.

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