Volta Zero Electric Truck: Sustainable Parcel Delivery

Volta Zero Electric Truck is a glimpse into the future for eCommerce logistics. A fully-electric, zero-emission delivery vehicle, specially designed for urban areas

Nordic distributor Bring and Posten has taken a step towards sustainable logistics, announcing a trial scheme for the Volta Zero electric truck with a new and exclusive postal service. The pilot service, which will be fully-electric, will commence across Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland in Q1 2021. 

Bring and Posten is the leading distributor of parcels, mail and cargo in the Nordic region, with over one thousand points of sale in Norway alone. The logistics company have selected Volta Trucks to take part in a trial of the company’s Volta Zero, which is the world’s first purpose-built, fully electric large freight distribution vehicle. Volta Zero will support Bring and Posten’s extensive network of urban parcel pick-up and drop-off points.

With the full-electric and zero-emission truck being specifically designed to operate in inner-city environments, the Volta Zero will provide real-world data and driver feedback to engineers of how the truck performs in these urban environments. Volta Zero is designed to operate in inner-city environments, so the Bring and Posten trial will allow Volta to extensively test their new trucks, providing real-world data and driver feedback to Volta engineers in the vehicle development programme.

“Bring wants to be a world leader in making transport climate-friendly. By 2025, our goal is that all our vehicles and buildings will be emission neutral. To reach that goal, partnering with companies like Volta Trucks are crucial. To be the first pilot user of a Volta Truck in Scandinavia sends a clear message of our sustainability intent, and we look forward to a good collaboration to develop the emission-free trucks of the future.” 

Per Ă–hagen, Executive Vice President of eCommerce and Logistics, Bring

Who are Volta Trucks?

Volta Trucks are a Swedish startup who are looking to create a fully electric truck, specifically designed to be used in cities and urban areas. As well as the Nordic region, Volta also has plans to introduce on-road trials in London and Paris next year.

The Volta Zero truck has no tailpipe emissions, no engine noise, and due to the lack of a diesel engine, Volta were also able to completely redesign the vehicle to make the vehicle safer for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. The driver seat is centrally located in the truck, and the vehicle has been lowered to optimise the driver’s field of view, as well as allowing easy access on both sides with sliding doors.

The lack of emissions and engine noise will allow the Volta Zero trucks to operate in the most regulated inner city and urban areas at all hours of the day, including at night. As such, Volta can offer optimised delivery time and the reduction of traffic in congested areas.

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Volta Zero Electric Truck Specifications

Volta Zero is a full-size 16-tonnes vehicle for cities and urban areas. Electric, clean and one of the safest on the market, Volta Zero will have a modern, open, and simplified cabin. This will feature touch screens, cameras and state-of-the-art Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to enhance the driver environment further. A prototype of the Volta Zero is set to be unveiled this year, with a pilot fleet of vehicles being scheduled for full production in 2021.

Topline specifications

  • Total height: 3,470 mm
  • Total length: 9,460 mm
  • Total width: 2,550 mm
  • Weight (CVW): 16,000 kg


  • Height: 2,200 mm
  • Length: 6,900 mm
  • Width: 2,485 mm
  • Euro pallets load: 16 

 Why choose Volta Zero Electric Trucks?

Climate change

The planet’s climate is changing rapidly, and not for good, with global warming being caused by greenhouse gases, specifically CO2. The logistics sector is one of the most significant contributors to carbon emissions. 

The 2018 IPCC report estimated that we only have ten years to drastically reduce our carbon emissions to avoid catastrophic consequences. Switching to a zero-emissions, fully electric delivery vehicle, such as Volta Zero, allows eCommerce companies to reduce carbon footprints and make a simple but hugely effective commitment to sustainability.

Volta Sustainable Parcel Delivery- Reduced Impact
Volta Sustainable Parcel Delivery- Reduced Impact

City pollution

The problem with diesel engines isn’t just carbon emissions; they also emit toxic pollutants like nitrogen oxide and particulates. These can reach very high concentrations in urban areas, harmful to anyone breathing the city air, especially children. Cities across the globe are imposing strict regulations with some, like London, simply banning petrol and diesel vehicles.

In contrast, zero-emissions electric vehicles like Volta Zero are future-proof. Going electric means zero carbon tailpipe emissions and no toxic pollutants. Zero-emission vehicles also have access to even the most restrictive of low and zero-emissions zones, unlike their diesel or petrol counterparts.

A safer alternative to HGVs

The average truck is poorly constructed for both driver and pedestrian safety. Between 2015 and 2017, trucks were involved in 25% of pedestrian and 63% of cyclist fatal collisions in London, despite them only making up only 4% of the traffic. This is often caused by driver blind spots and doors that open into bicycle lanes.

By contrast, the Volta Zero is designed with a driver-centric approach:

  • The whole cabin has been lowered, so there’s no need for climbing or jumping in and out. The low profile also gives the driver a better field of direct vision.
  • The driver seat is centrally placed with wrap-around windows, giving an even further increased field of direct vision.
  • Doors on both sides, giving a safe entry/exit away from traffic.
  • Sensors and cameras all around the truck mean zero blind spots.
  • Lowered cab, reduced vibrations and noise provide a better work environment for the driver.
Volta Zero Electric Truck Driver View
Volta Zero Electric Truck Driver View

Learn more about Volta Trucks

For more information about Volta Trucks and the sustainable benefits, they can bring, visit their website here

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