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noissue eco-friendly custom packaging aims to provide eCommerce retailers with both sustainable, and customisable packaging options. We spoke with the noissue team to discuss their thoughts around sustainable packaging, eCommerce, and the key differentials of their eco-friendly custom packaging.

noissue eco-friendly custom packaging provides retailers with both personalised, and more sustainable packaging options. Started in 2017, noissue strives to be a leader in design, innovation, and sustainability.

We believe that sustainable packaging doesn’t have to be unattainable. You can be environmentally conscious and responsible while creating a premium product for your customers to enjoy.

The Ecobahn spoke with the noissue team to discuss their thoughts around sustainable packaging, eCommerce, and the key differentials of their eco-friendly custom packaging.

What were your previous experiences of packaging waste in eCommerce? How did this influence the creation of the eco-friendly custom packaging idea?

We left the corporate world to start our own business focused on producing eyewear from waste materials. As small business owners, we couldn’t find anything on the market that allowed us to customize our packaging at low minimum order quantities (MOQ). We ended up sourcing the packaging ourselves, and quickly discovered that our stockists and other vendors were equally interested in our packaging as well as our product! That’s pretty much how the idea for noissue was born. Now, with over 25,000 customers, we love making a difference by helping businesses of any size sustainably package their products.

Any advice for retailers considering a sustainable packaging option?

It would help if you didn’t have to compromise on branding to go sustainable, and looking for products that offer added benefits (other than being kind to the planet) will help you maximize the value from going sustainable with your packaging. Our tissue wrap, tape, and stickers are fully customizable and compostable so you can deliver a great brand experience and package sustainably.

noissue eco-friendly custom packaging
noissue eco-friendly custom packaging. Source:

Starting is the hardest, so we encourage retailers to do their best. Even if it starts with changing out one item of packaging to be a sustainable option – that’s a significant first step. Then you can start looking at how you’re currently packaging your items – think about what happens to each layer of packaging you add. Can it be composted, recycled, or reused? Try to reduce elements that are one-time-use or disposable.

Helping your customers understand what to do with your packaging once it has served its purpose, is a great way to share with them your sustainable initiatives. Take this time to help them understand what to do next (compost? Recycle? reuse?) and what steps they can take to ensure it’s done correctly. You can also help them understand that your packaging carries the correct certifications to ensure its sustainability. Sharing with your customers will always help you build trust and rapport for your brand.

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How much impact is made by making a straightforward change in packaging?

We wrote ​a guide all about this recently over on our blog. Even minor changes to your packaging make a considerable difference to its sustainability. For example, over-packaging is a widespread issue in eCommerce. The answer is packing smarter and more efficiently – not adding more bulk. If you use a container that’s the right size, you don’t need to create more waste by adding lots of packing filler. Changes like this will make your packaging much more environmentally-friendly – and save your business money!

What are the eco-friendly custom packaging products you offer and how do they differ from a regular jiffy bag?

There are currently four products in the noissue range:

  1. noissue Tissue- Custom Tissue wrap
  2. noissue Stickers – compostable, custom paper stickers
  3. noissue Mailers – stock, compostable mailer bags
  4. noissue Tape – custom, water-activated paper tape (our latest addition!)
noissue eco-friendly packaging range
noissue eco-friendly packaging range. Source:

All noissue products are made using acid-free FSC-certified paper and are printed with renewable soy-based inks that are completely recyclable. noissue Mailers are home and commercially compostable and will break down in 6 months in the right environment. This makes them a great alternative to poly mailer bags which aren’t recyclable or compostable.

Where do you see the future of eCommerce packaging?

As a society, we’re moving towards a more mindful approach to our lives, and this includes our purchases. With consumers being more aware of the effects of plastic on the environment, brands are starting to align with their customers by providing sustainable packaging. With the eCommerce market remaining hugely competitive, businesses have to differentiate their brand through customer experience – One aspect of that is branded packaging!

eCommerce is gradually transitioning towards a more thoughtful approach to packaging. More and more businesses are asking themselves: ‘what effect will this have on my customer and the environment?’ In this sense, sustainability is no longer a fringe concern for so-called ‘eco-brands’ – it’s now a criterion that all businesses are being judged. We are going to see this become a more substantial selling point for brands, especially considering that eCommerce has become such a competitive market.

noissue eco-friendly custom packaging compostable jiffy bag
noissue compostable jiffy bag. Source:

Can you explain the Eco-Packaging Alliance and how this fits with noissue eco-friendly custom packaging?

By joining our Eco-Packaging Alliance, customers get to plant a tree in a deforested region with every order. All those participating receive a branded eco-alliance sticker to embed in their online store to show their commitment. We currently have 12 different areas to choose from: British Columbia, California, Oregon, Colorado, Florida, Guatemala, Haiti, Brazil, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

noissue eco packaging alliance logo
noissue eco packaging alliance. Source:

The Alliance is also an excellent way for us to draw attention to current events. For September 2019, we decided to plant all donated trees in the Amazon rainforest to help draw attention to the dreadful forest fires going on in Brazil. We had a fantastic response!

So often, business owners want to do their bit for the environment, but they aren’t sure what will be the most effective. ​Deforestation is a huge global issue, so we wanted to find a way to help our customers offset the impact of their packaging needs. ​We have planted over 6,000 trees since the Alliance launched – something we are very proud of!

Do you feel reusable packaging is the future? If yes, how do you think consumers can be better educated/brought on board with the concept?

Reusable packaging is absolutely the way to go. If we can build a circular economy around packaging, where elements are being consciously reused/regenerated, we can prevent much of it from going to the landfill.
But making this change means changing long-held habits about how we manage waste. The packaging is seen as single-use – it gets an item to its destination, then it goes in the trash.

In the past few years, consumers have become much more in tune with sustainable living. Brands have a role to play in showing customers how their packaging can provide secondary value. It requires some creativity and thinking about “How else could I put this to use?’ But times are changing. Our customers tell us stories of how people have used their custom tissue paper in collages or kept mailers to send their own parcels. This shows that we are starting to move in the right direction.

How do you see global eCommerce evolving?

I think we’ll start seeing more local brands competing with international ones. With Social Media platforms being a massive source of engagement, and with a lot of barriers to purchase being lowered via the likes of shoppable Instagram posts and stories, it’s even easier for eCommerce brands to generate momentum. 41% of eCommerce brands used the shoppable Instagram feature last year.

noissue 100% compostable jiffy bag
noissue 100% compostable jiffy bag. Source:

Local brands have a massive advantage of having a very dedicated, engaged community! To cut through the noise and sheer volume of brands online and competing for this engagement, brands need to establish a sense of community and connection. Local brands will already have this edge.

As an eCommerce business, what are your thoughts around sustainable logistics and the future of this?

The growth of eCommerce has meant that consumers have become accustomed to fast turnarounds. Giants like Amazon have made one-day shipping the norm, and other retailers feel pressure to follow suit. But this means higher emissions, inefficient shipping practices, and more packaging.

Any thoughts around Carbon offsetting?

It is a great thing to do. Watch this space. We currently have an initiative where we help our customers plant a tree in a location that needs it, with every order. We’re looking to continue to grow this initiative and ones like this throughout 2020 and beyond.

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