Renewable Packaging: Riz Boardshort

Outside of the product itself, renewable packaging is one of the key battle grounds for sustainability in fashion. With a product already made from recycled material, Riz Boardshorts turn their attention to packaging.

For an industry formed around a passion for the natural world, the lack of sustainability initiatives with the surf fashion market is surprising. UK based Riz Boardshorts are leading the way in changing this, most recently with the introduction of renewable packaging.

With shorts made from 100% recycled and recyclable fabric, plus printing using earth-friendly inks, Riz Boardshorts genuinely is a sustainable short option. One issue, however, is the renewable packaging itself- even products made from sustainable materials tend to be shipped and stored in plastic bags.

99% of clothes globally are sent out from factories in clear plastic poly bags. These bags are cheap and extremely practical, protecting clothing items from moisture and damage during both transport and storage. The big issue is that once the item reaches the end consumer, these plastic bags are almost immediately binned. Renewable packaging should either be reusable or easily recycled.

Based on the design of a record sleeve, shorts will now be packaged in these brown envelopes at the point of production rather than plastic bags. These brown paper envelopes are easily recycled, with renewable packaging removing another major plastic element from the production of Riz Boardshorts.

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The full story behind the new renewable packaging for Riz Boardshorts can be read here. We would love to hear any other examples of alternatives to poly storage bags so please drop links or comments below.

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