Repack Reusable Packaging: Canada Pilot Scheme

Repack Reusable Packaging scheme has been launched in North America, with the Canadian pilot now open for applications from eCommerce retailers.

Finnish brand, RePack, has announced the roll-out of the Repack Reusable Packing services to the USA and Canada. After five years of successfully circulating reusable packaging in Europe, RePack has amassed a strong network of over one hundred happy eCommerce clients and thousands of satisfied end-users. 

RePack has just launched across North America, with the Repack reusable packaging service finally becoming available to US customers last month. RePack is currently accepting new clients for both pilot projects and full implementation of their reusable packaging service.

In Canada, the Canadian postal system has approved RePacks for circulation domestically. RePack is currently conducting a trial scheme and are actively looking for eCommerce companies in Canada to take part in the pilot project.

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What is RePack Reusable Packaging?

RePack is a pioneering reusable and returnable shipping packaging service that upgrades customer experience, saves on money, and sustains the planet. The team behind RePack initially set out to help businesses in Finland to create new sustainable products with new business models but struggled to convince brands. Hence, they came up with the idea for RePack themselves.

The Finnish brand utilised the first-ever Packaging-as-a-Service model (PaaS), eliminating the burdens of single-use packaging ownership and use. By switching to RePack, eCommerce companies can have an immediate and impactful sustainability measure in place. 

RePacks are reused over twenty times each before being upcycled at the end of their lifespan. Switching from single-use cardboard or plastic packaging to RePack can reduce a company’s carbon emissions by up to 80% and eliminate waste by up to 96%! Their business model is already a success in Europe, where RePack have been circulating thousands of reusable packaging for the past five years, delighting their end-users, saving businesses money and reducing environmental impact.

How does RePack work?

  1. Cycle Starts: The eCommerce company purchases the RePacks of their choice.
  2. Offering: RePack replaces all of the company’s single-use packages, or this is offered as an option.
  3. Cost: RePack’s cost can be shared with the customer, making RePack cost-free for the company.
  4. Shipping: Purchased products are shipped to customers in RePack packages.
  5. Returning: The customer returns the empty packaging bag to RePack or uses it for product returns.
  6. Reward: RePack users can claim reward vouchers to spend on the company’s website again.
  7. Cycle Ends: RePacks are returned, cleaned, checked and made available to purchase again.
How Repack Reusable Packaging Works
How Repack Reusable Packaging Works. Source:

What’s included?

The standard RePack Service includes:

  • Packaging of choice
  • Prepaid empty return postage to RePack’s fulfilment centre
  • Special clear sealing tape
  • Cleaning, inspection, loss/damage replacement
  • Reward Voucher program
  • Quarterly sustainability impact reporting
  • Sustainability marketing and PR program, as well as membership into the RePack Network, including a free micro-website
  • Free use of the RePacks returned directly to the business for product return/exchanges (built-in discount)

How to get involved in the Repack Reusable Packaging Canada Pilot

If your eCommerce company is interested in trying out RePack’s reusable packaging service, RePack is offering a special short-term collaborative pilot, with the potential of continuing in full service after pilot completion. Contact them for more details on how to take part.

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