Reusable eCommerce Satchel: The Better Packaging Co.

One of the biggest challenges for the sustainability movement is making consumer products last longer. Packaging is no different, but the challenge is what to do with a product designed to be thrown away?

The Better Packaging Co have released a brand new product; a reusable eCommerce satchel which can be reused as gift wrapping for the holiday season.

Increase Product Lifespan

The majority of packaging innovations for sustainability have mostly been focused on improving the environmental footprint of materials being used, ranging from 100% recycled plastics to compostable mailers. But what about making packaging useful after an item has been delivered?

Regardless of the product in question, a fundamental way to improve sustainability is to increase the lifespan of an item. We have become a throw-away society, with products intentionally made to be replaced regularly, causing huge harm to the environment.

When it comes to packaging, it is a product that has been designed to be thrown away! But does it need to be this way? The Amazon ‘Less Packaging, More Smiles’ is an example initiative, taking a light-hearted approach to the issue by making cardboard boxes designed to be converted into children’s toys.

The key is finding suitable re-use for packaging. As a product designed for protection, eCommerce packaging will likely be heavily used during its journey from warehouse to consumer.

Reusable eCommerce Satchel

The Better Packaging Co. has come up with a unique and intuitive packaging solution to address this issue and reduce waste for the upcoming holiday period.

The “I’m Wrapt (to be Reused)” comPOST packs are designed to be reused as gift wrapping, with end customers able to turn the satchels inside out and reuse to wrap Christmas presents. This not only extends the life of the packaging but also replaces the need for people to buy wrapping paper, removing another throw-away product from the waste stream.

As these satchels are made from The Better Packaging Co. comPOST range, they are made from biodegradable and compostable materials, and will completely biodegrade in 3-6 months when placed in a home composting solution. After the lifespan has been extended as gift wrapping, the product can be composted rather than entering landfill.

More info and to purchase the Better Packaging Co. Reusable eCommerce Satchel, head to

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