Sustainable Mushroom Packaging: The Magical Mushroom Company

The Magical Mushroom Company have developed a sustainable mushroom packaging as a replacement for polystyrene. A unique bioprocess allows for waste materials to be 'grown' into custom packaging for brands and retailers.

UK-based packaging company, Magical Mushroom Company, have developed a greener and more sustainable alternative to polystyrene packaging, that retailers could use to reduce the amount of waste they produce from deliveries. The special ingredient? A root-like material that is derived from mushrooms that Magical Mushroom use to create their end product, MycoComposite.

What are MycoMaterials?

The sustainable mushroom packaging is composed of what the company calls, MycoMaterials. These MycoMaterials include mycelium, which is the root-like structure of mushrooms that the company combines with other upcycled organic materials, such as hemp, to produce their MycoComposite protective packaging. 

MycoMaterials are sustainable and offer a home compostable alternative to plastic foams and polystyrene that is in frequent use in delivery packaging. As a result, this MycoComposite packaging developed by Magical Mushroom Company has huge potential as a eco-friendly packaging solution for retailers and sellers who are conscious of their environmental footprint.

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Sustainable Mushroom Packaging: BioProcess

MycoMaterials and Magical Mushroom Company’s planet positive products are developed through a naturally occurring 4-stage bioprocess.

Sustainable Mushroom Packaging Process
Mushroom Packaging Process. Source:
Magic Mushroom Packaging Upcycling

1. Upcycling

The company starts by working with regional farmers to gather and source crop fibres that are no longer needed, such as hemp and corn husks. They also partner with textile industries to source residues that can be upcycled.

This process effectively uses waste products as food for the mushroom mycelium cells, introducing the carefully prepared materials as the catalyst for ‘growing’ packaging.

Magic Mushroom Packaging Mycelium

2. Mycelium

Mycelium is made up of a living network of fungal roots, which naturally break down debris on woodland floors and even allow plants to transfer nutrients between each other! As mycelium breaks down debris, it creates thread-like filaments called hyphae, that spread out to consume organic matter on the forest floor.

This Mycelium process is utilised by the Magical Mushroom Company to grow sustainable mushroom packaging variations into virtually any shape or form.

Magic Mushroom Packaging Design

3. Design

Due to the flexibility of mycelium, Magical Mushroom’s design team can produce and engineer tailor-made packaging solutions for their clients.

Not only can they use the biodiversity of MycoMaterials to meet whatever packaging design their clients have, but the product is also durable and goes through rigorous testing within their facility. A further attractive quality of this sustainable mushroom packaging to retailers is that it takes just seven days for a client’s packaging to be created!

Seedlips x Magical Mushroom Packaging

4. MycoComposite

In collaboration with Ecovative Design, Magical Mushroom’s end product is MycoComposite.

It’s an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic polymers that uses less energy and is also 100% compostable. Some of the brands utilising this sustainable mushroom packaging include Lush and Seedlips.

Benefits of Sustainable Mushroom Packaging?

Plastic packaging is contributing to the pollution of the Earth’s oceans and is creating excessive numbers of landfill sites. With polystyrene and plastics creating significant harm to our environment, now more than ever, an alternative is essential.

Providing an organic alternative to polystyrene and plastic polymers, Magical Mushroom Company’s packaging material is offering a solution to the plastic problem. Not only is it environmentally-friendly, but it is also cost-competitive with conventional plastic packaging.

Benefits of this sustainable mushroom packaging include:

  • Biobased: Magical Mushroom’s clients can create and receive their order in just seven days due to the packaging’s bioprocess.
  • Home compostable: Once used, customers can use the packaging in home composts. This is good for the environment and helps to reduce plastic waste.
  • Hydrophobic: The MycoComposite is water-resistant, meaning products are protected from the rain and other elements.
  • Rigorously tested: Magical Mushroom have tested their material thoroughly, knowing that it protects products against heat, cold, and impact.
  • Flame resistant: The resulting MycoComposite is a poor ignition source, meaning it is flame resistant.
Sustainable Mushroom Packaging Benefits
Benefits of Mushroom Packaging. Source:

For more information on how you can use Magical Mushroom Company’s fungi-based packaging, visit their website.

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