Sustainable Packaging Insights: Eco-Revenue

Profit vs environmental impact. Sustainable packaging insights suggest this is no longer a battle, with sustainability becoming a key selling point with consumers.

Main image source: Sustainable packaging supply chain specialists

Sustainability and “business” often clash due to their differing priorities; however, sustainable packaging insights would suggest this is already changing. Whereas previously you’d be making a straight choice between profit vs environmental impact, consumer habits are changing.

Sustainability is becoming a selling point.

European Packaging Association Pro Carton has produced a report to highlight Sustainable Packaging Insights. The independent consumer survey across seven countries and 7000 consumers shows the importance of packaging sustainability on consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Key sustainable packaging insights to make any CFO reconsider the more expensive, yet sustainable, packaging option!

1. 68% of European consumers admit that making environmentally-friendly decisions has become more important to them over the past five years

Extent to which being environmentally friendly has become important over past 5 years
Sustainable Packaging Insights: Changes in decision making. Source: Pro Carton

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2. Recycling is on the rise with 69% of consumers recycling more waste in the last 12 months

Sustainable Packaging Insights: Consumer Recycling Changes
Consumer Recycling Changes. Source: Pro Carton

3. Three quarters (75%) admit that the environmental impact of a product’s packaging affects their purchasing decision

Sustainable Packaging Insights:Packaging affecting purchasing decisions
Packaging affecting purchasing decisions. Source: Pro Carton

4. 91% of all consumers would shop at a supermarket or retailer that proactively encouraged environmentally packaging from its suppliers

Sustainable Packaging Insights Would you change shop due to packaging
Sustainable Packaging Insights: Change shop due to packaging. Source: Pro Carton

5. Packaging in the media has impacted the purchasing decisions of three-quarters of consumers

Sustainable Packaging Insights Media coverage affects opinions of packaging use
Sustainable Packaging Insights: Media coverage affects opinions. Source: Pro Carton

6. More than half of all consumers identify cardboard/cartonboard as the most environmental and recyclable form of packaging

Sustainable Packaging Insights Most environmentally friendly form of packaging
Most environmentally friendly form of packaging. Source: Pro Carton

7. 64% of consumers think retailers and brands are not doing enough to introduce environmentally-friendly packaging

Sustainable Packaging Insights Are brands doing enough to offer environmentally friendly packaging
Sustainable Packaging Insights: Are brands doing enough. Source: Pro Carton

8. 77% of consumers would pay a premium for more environmentally-friendly packaging

How much extra would consumers pay for sustainable packaging
How much extra would consumers pay for sustainable packaging? Source: Pro Carton

9. More than half of all consumers have switched brands because of packaging – non-recyclable and unnecessary packaging are the most common reasons for the change

Switch brands due to non recyclable packaging
Switch brands due to non-recyclable packaging. Source: Pro Carton

10. Over half of all consumers support a tax to force brands and retailers to adopt more environmentally friendly packaging – only 17% disagreed

Sustainable Packaging Insights Tax to encourage packaging sustainability
Tax to encourage sustainability. Source: Pro Carton

11. 90% of consumers want on-pack labelling to demonstrate environmentally-friendly packaging, while 71% want guidance from the government

Sustainability of packaging shown on label
Sustainable Packaging Insights: Eco-labelling. Source: Pro Carton

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