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Sustainable Packaging Partnership: Aramex x The Better Packaging Co.

New Zealand courier Aramex (formerly Fastway Couriers) joins forces with The Better Packaging Co. to create a sustainable packaging partnership.

Leading New Zealand courier company Aramex, formerly Fastway Couriers, today announces its sustainable packaging partnership with the eco-packaging brand, The Better Packaging Co. 

The nationwide rollout of The Better Packaging Co. product aims to begin addressing the environmental impact caused by the hundreds of thousands of plastic parcels in the Aramex network every day. 

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Aramex Sustainable Strategy

Traditionally a B2B logistics provider, Aramex has seen an explosion in its retail e-commerce business. Packages to residential properties have increased 50 per cent in the two years, now accounting for 60 per cent of their business.

This considerable increase has a sizeable impact on the environment, driving the company to launch this sustainable packaging partnership. Globally, Aramex set a target in 2016 of reducing its carbon footprint by 20 percent by 2020. It reached the goal by 2017 and established a further 20 percent reduction target. 

These packaging changes play a significant role in meeting these goals.

“The spotlight has been on plastic for some time, and we’ve been searching for a green packaging solution that makes our courier drivers, our customers and their customers feel good about how they pack, deliver and receive their goods.”

Scott Jenyns, Chief Executive, Fastway Aramex

Sustainable Packaging

The sustainable packaging partnership will provide Aramex customers with the option of purchasing The Better Packaging Co. comPOST Packs.

Infographic showing benefits of sustainable packaging partnership
Benefits of sustainable packaging partnership. Source: Fastway.co.nz

Alongside this option, Aramex will also continue to offer its more traditional satchels, with an environmental overhaul. 

Manufactured using 80 percent recycled materials, the traditional Aramex satchels are said to be 100 percent recyclable and can be dropped off at crucial recycling points throughout New Zealand. 

The Better Packaging Co. 

The Better Packaging Co. has become a leading source in sustainable packaging specifically designed for eCommerce making them the perfect match for this sustainable packaging partnership.

Carrying stringent independent certifications, their compostable home packaging, made from corn and non-toxic, compostable resin, will biodegrade within 90 days.

“Having Fastway commit to providing its customers with sustainable courier bag options speaks volumes. Our growth shows that there are many businesses not only in New Zealand but internationally, that want to do the right thing. We are thrilled to partner with Aramex and congratulate them on their vision.” 

Rebecca Percasky, Founder, The Better Packaging Co.
Hand holding The Better Packaging Co. Dirt Bag Product

More information on The Better Packaging Co. can be found at https://www.betterpackaging.com/

Aramex has set up an online ordering system through its website for customers.  https://www.fastway.co.nz/services/compostable-satchels/

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