Ganni x Levis: ‘Ganni Repeat’ Denim Rental

Ganni x Levis collaborate on a collection of denim made from repurposed and upcycled vintage denim, made available for rent through the 'Ganni Repeat' rental scheme

The Ganni x Levis collaboration sees Danish fashion brand Ganni partnering with fashion giant Levi’s to launch a new denim clothing rental service as part of the new Ganni Repeat rental service. The rental-only capsule collaboration, titled Love Letter, is a first for both brands. The collection pieces are only available for rental and are made using only upcycled denim made with vintage Levi’s 501s.

The Ganni x Levi’s collaboration comes as a result of the Copenhagen Fashion Week, which launched an action plan at the start of the year to ensure its designers met sustainable standards to try and reduce their environmental impact. Ganni delivered its solution, called Ganni Repeat, this week at the presentation for their Spring 2021 collection.

What’s included in the Ganni x Levis collection?

The Ganni x Levis collaboration consists of three staple designs: 

  • A button-down denim shirt
  • Vintage Levi’s 501 jeans 
  • A denim shirt dress
Ganni x Levis Upcycled Denim Collection
Ganni x Levis Upcycled and Repurposed Denim Collection. Source:

All are designed to be versatile to allow for individual styling choices. For example, garments have detachable collars, belts and adjustable waistlines to let wearers choose between different fits. Ganni has added their personal touch, using signature features such as peter pan collars and voluminous sleeves to bring the designs to life.

Ganni has centred the collection on being circular. The result is materials designed to be used for an extended period, through reusing and recycling. The pieces themselves are also made sustainably, using a mixture of repurposed denim and upcycled vintage Levi’s.

How does Ganni x Levis rental service work?

The collection is exclusive to Ganni Repeat and is currently only available to US and UK customers. Customers have the option to rent denim pieces for up to three weeks, encouraging the durability and longevity of denim. Once the time is up, customers return their items to Ganni, who wash and dry-clean the pieces before they are put back up for rent on Ganni’s online platform.

Ganni and Levi’s have also designed a digital experience for the collection. Using innovative technology, renters can use their smartphone to tap a patch on the garment and gain access to a digital world of information. The patch provides customers with each item’s rental history, as well as exclusive content from past renters, the Ganni team and global campaign shoots.

Products are shipped and returned using RePack

A vital concept of the Ganni x Levis collection is to connect consumers, so those who wore the clothes can share their experience with the entire community. These ‘love letters’ and every single rental piece from Ganni will be sent and returned in a RePack, free of charge. 

Ganni x Levis x Repack Collaboration
Ganni x Levis x Repack Collaboration. Source:

RePack is a pioneering reusable, and returnable shipping packaging service that upgrades customer experience saves on money and sustains the planet. They recently launched across North America, with the Repack reusable packaging service finally becoming available to US customers in June. 

What is Ganni Repeat?

Ganni Repeat is Ganni’s rental service that allows customers to pay to borrow clothing and accessories items for one to three weeks. The customer will be able to rent the garment on repeat or buy it outright if desired. The service is part of Ganni’s mission to become circular and increase the longevity of their clothes wherever they can.

“We launched our rental platform Ganni Repeat as a project to trial a more circular fashion system and help people rethink how they consume fashion. People were super excited and mostly showed interest in event dressing, so we decided to centre our rental offering around party dresses. It’s not a profitable venture, but we hope it will become over time.”

Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director, Ganni

How does Ganni Repeat work?

  1. Rent: Customers can rent pieces for one-three weeks. They can choose to rent straight away or reserve for the future.
  2. Return: The renter then returns the garment for free. Ganni has the cleaning covered, so customers don’t need to worry.
  3. Repeat: Customers can keep the cycle going and continue to rent, or buy pieces outright.
Ganni Repeat How Does it Work?
Ganni Repeat- How Does it Work? Source:

Who are Ganni?

The Danish cult label is based in Copenhagen and has been owned and run since 2009 by husband-and-wife team Ditte Reffstrup and Nicolaj Reffstrup. Ganni is sold globally in more than 400 retail stores, as well as through 21 concept stores across Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Ganni is one of the most progressive fashion labels to have come out of the last decade, with a market-leading approach to sustainability. To give an idea of the success of Ganni, it’s now the number one contemporary brand in terms of sales at US retailers Net-a-Porter and Browns.

Why choose to rent?

Ganni estimates that 39,900 tonnes of textiles end up in landfill, or are incinerated, each year in Denmark alone. Ganni is encouraging customers to rethink the way they shop by helping to reduce textile waste and extend the lifestyle of fashion pieces.

They hope that consumers choose to use their Ganni Repeat service the next time they have an event or party, rather than merely buying a piece of clothing that may only be used a handful of times before its disposed of.

Levi’s and Sustainable Fashion

This isn’t the first sustainable measure that Levi’s has taken part in this year. They also recently announced its most sustainable jean to date. It’s the first to use the breakthrough material Circulose, a fabric from Swedish startup Re:newcell that’s engineered from recycled, worn-out jeans.  

Levis Wellthread Collection
Levis ‘Wellthread’ Collection in collaboration with Re:newcell. Source:

The jeans have been designed for recyclability, as they feature 20%, recycled denim, 20% sustainably-sourced viscose and 60% organic cotton. By using high-quality fibre and careful design techniques, Levi’s ensured the jeans themselves are fully recyclable. Meaning, old pairs can become new pairs, again and again! The jeans are the latest addition to Levi’s Wellthread line, which was established to explore new sustainability solutions through small collections. 

Learn more about the Ganni x Levi’s rental collection 

For more information on Ganni’s latest collaboration with Levi’s, and how you can rent the collection, you can visit their website here.

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