Levi’s® SecondHand: Denim Recommerce

Levi’s® launch their 'SecondHand' recommerce scheme in partnership with Trove, allowing customers to trade-in their used Levi’s® garments in exchange for store credit.

Levi’s® have announced the launch of a new recommerce scheme called Levi’s® SecondHand in collaboration with Trove recommerce specialists. Quickly following their recent Ganni x Levis: Denim Rental collaboration, this recommerce scheme is the denim company’s latest effort towards a more sustainable fashion business.

Levi’s® SecondHand

Levi’s® SecondHand recommerce scheme allows customers to trade in used denim in exchange for store credit. Clothing items received go back up for sale at with a full eCommerce operation focused solely on the reselling of used clothing items.

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Levi’s® SecondHand Denim Recommerce. Source:

To take part, customers can drop-off any Levi’s® jeans or denim jackets at one of the participating stores (currently US only) and they’ll be rewarded with a gift card. The garments are then cleaned, sorted and listed on, so they can be purchased and continued to be used by someone else. 

“Repurposing and repairing clothes require minimal additional energy input, no water, and no dyes to make more jeans. Buying a used pair of Levi’s jeans through SecondHand saves approximately 80 percent of the CO2 emissions and 700 grams of waste compared to buying a new pair of Levi’s jeans.”

Jennifer Sey, Chief Marketing Officer, Levi’s

Trove: Recommerce-as-a-Service

The operation behind Levi’s® SecondHand recommerce scheme is handled by eCommerce tech start-up TROVE, who provide ‘Recommerce-as-a-Service’ to facilitate all the backend operations. Levi’s® are following brands like Patagonia and REI in using TROVE to power their recommence strategy.

Trove was founded on the basis that sustainability is the only way forward for retail. The ‘Recommerce-as-a-service’. model looks to develop white-label channels for brands and retailers to take control of their own resale marketplace.

This is both a commercial and sustainability-driven strategy, with the scheme deepening new and existing customer loyalty, whilst increase profit and helping the planet by advancing the circular economy.

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  • Trove-Recommerce-Phase-2
  • Trove-Recommerce-Phase-3
  • Trove-Recommerce-Phase-4

Levi’s® Sustainability

Levi’s® SecondHand is the newest of a range of strategies being implemented by the brand to begin addressing their environmental footprint and improve sustainability:

  • Levi’s® WATER<LESS® – Levi’s® Water<Less® denim finishing process uses 96% less water than standard denim. Developed in 2011, Levi’s has saved over 3.5 billion litres of water to date, with over 69% of Levi’s® products made with Water<Less® processes today.
  • Levi’s® COTTONISED HEMP – Levi’s® Cottonised hemp fiber is a unique fabric development, creating a fabric that has the feel of cotton but uses less water and pesticide in the growing process.
  • Levi’s® WELLTHREAD – Levi’s® Wellthread collection involves every garment being designed to be entirely recycled. In partnership with companies like Re:newcell, the Wellthread pieces can be turned into new clothes again and again.

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