ReCommerce Loyalty Scheme: Reebok x thredUP

Reebok join forces with threadUP; the leading online consignment and thrift store. The collaboration is powering a new recommerce loyalty scheme for Reebok, with loyalty points offered in return for sending used clothes to thredUP rather than throwing away.

Reebok has launched its new ReCommerce Loyalty Scheme’ Reebok UNLOCKED’, with recycling and recommerce as a central element. In partnership with the world’s largest fashion resale marketplace, thredUP, Reebok is encouraging customers to send secondhand clothes in exchange for loyalty points.  

Any items that end up listed on thredUP will earn customers loyalty points with Reebok. The products that are not suitable for resale will either be reused or recycled.

thredUP Resale-As-A-Service (RAAS)

thredUP is the world’s largest fashion recommerce platform, providing the tool for over 100 million garments in the U.S. to be resold rather than thrown away.

Infographic showing three steps for selling on thredUP
Upcycling on thredUP. Source:

‘Resale-As-A-Service (RAAS)’ is the fundamental concept of thredUP. Rather than deal with the hassle of reselling items yourself, thredUP makes the process easy and takes care of everything for you.

People interested in selling through thredUP can order a ‘Clean-Out Kit’ including postage packaging to send your items. thredUP then inspects, photographs, lists, markets, and ships items to new customers, with the original owners getting a percentage of the price.

Infographic showing benefits of selling on thredUP
Process of selling secondhand items on thredUP. Source:

There is also the option to order a ‘Donation Kit’ where unwanted clothes resold with the profits donated to a charity of choice.

ReCommerce Loyalty Scheme: Reebok x thredUP Clean-Out

There is enormous potential for brands to collaborate with thredUP and utilise their RAAS model to power their recommerce, and potentially also their loyalty, strategies.

Reebok is offering customers 150 Reebok UNLOCKED points in exchange for their used items sent to thredUP. Used garments from any brand can be utilised and exchanged for loyalty points with Reebok. 

In theory, this offers a rare win-win for both business and the environment. Used garments have their life extended, while Reebok drives retention with current customers, plus the acquisition of new customers who swap old clothes from other brands for points to spend on Reebok.

Reebok x thredUP Recommerce Loyalty Scheme

ReCommerce and COVID-19 

While retail sales showed record-breaking falls due to the COVID-19, it is forecast the secondhand market could be a big winner. Already estimated to reach USD 36 billion in 2021, the secondhand market could see further growth due to consumer sentiment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As reported in the thredUP Resale Report, Gen Z & Millennials are driven by a love of sustainability, bargains and new outfits. They are adopting secondhand at the highest rates, with 1 in 3 Gen Z buying used apparel this year.

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