Automated Sustainability Software: Green KPI

Advancements in technology will be central in progressing sustainability. GreenKPI introduces 'Automated Sustainability Software' to guide, measure and report on sustainability.

GreenKPI introduces ‘automated sustainability software’ with the aim of empowering businesses to make the transition to sustainable and ethical business practices.

One of the biggest challenges for any business starting their sustainability journey is knowing where to start. Green KPI looks to provide step by step practical guidance, with time-saving tools to monitor, measure and report on your sustainability journey.

The automated sustainability software can be split into three key areas:

  1. Sustainability Guidance
  2. Measure, Monitor and Manage
  3. Sustainability Reports

We sat down with Johanna Kloot, GreenKPI founder and CEO, to discuss the foundations and concepts of the technology, and how it could potentially be utilised by eCommerce businesses.

1. Can you explain the origin and history behind GreenKPI?

In 2011, the birth of our founder’s nephew thrust her onto on a 20-year mission. Johanna needed to provide an answer to his future question: “Aunty Jo, what did you do about this mess?” Her first step was a decision to be a part of the solution to the issues that would impact his life.

From this, GreenKPI was born. Australia’s first automated, cloud-based sustainability software with actionable guidance as its core service.

With a focus on step by step guidance and a flexible pricing model, it’s a smart solution available to all businesses, no matter the size. 

Businesses are now empowered to work sustainably with improved cost efficiencies and reduced risk while improving their impact on the world.

Johanna Kloot has a wide and varied background, including flying Boeing 747s around the world as an airline pilot for 12 years, and more recently, a degree in sustainability with a business major. These experiences provide a global view and an understanding of how to create and maintain resilient societies and economies

2. What are the key functionality and features of GreenKPI?

GreenKPI is flexible in the way subscribers choose to interact with it. You can step through the process of taking the actions that will bring you the most benefit first and use the savings made to fund more substantial retrofits to improve efficiencies.

Automated Sustainability Software GreenKPI Key Benefits
Automated Sustainability Software GreenKPI Key Benefits

Energy is the first topic in GreenKPI suite. It starts by suggesting that you upload the data from your recent billing history, recording your past energy consumption. That way, you can see what has changed recently and where you can make the most significant difference in the future. That’s not necessary though; you can go straight to Actions and start saving on costs. Your stakeholders are easy to keep up to date with the automated sustainability reports.

3. How could an online retailer utilise your software?

All businesses have costs. We are starting with Energy as this is an area all organisations are challenged with. The planning section allows you to choose categories are relevant to you, thus creating a customised sustainability plan that forms the basis of your sustainability actions, measuring and reporting. 

4. As a SAAS based solution, can you see any potential to integrate the GreenKPI ‘automated sustainability software’ directly with eCommerce platforms?

GreenKPI already integrates with the payment gateway Stripe and the accounting software Xero. 

Beyond eCommerce platforms, we are actively building strategic partnerships with suppliers from a wide range of industries. Partners are linked to Actions that support our clients to achieve their sustainability goals. This may involve building APIs between GreenKPI and supplier software to improve the ease of commerce.

5. For an online eCommerce business struggling to know where to start their sustainability journey, is there any advice or recommendations you would make?

During my time as a sustainability consultant, I came up against the same three barriers to starting the transition to sustainability. Time, cost and knowledge. GreenKPI is designed to dissolve these barriers with easy to understand and implement actions at a price as low as $33 per month, along with time-saving automation throughout the platform.

Knowledge is incorporated in the Actions, and links to vetted suppliers bypass the need to search for who can assist in the transition to a sustainable business, where necessary. Many Actions are cost-free and supported by staff and management awareness.

6. How do you see Green KPI ‘automated sustainability software’ evolving in the future?

GreenKPI is currently focused on supporting organisations on the journey to transitioning to sustainability. Waste, Water and Emissions are our next three Topics for release, expanding the range of guidance.

Over the next 12 months, we will add easy to understand infographics to support our sustainability reports. We intend for the infographic rich reports to be beamed directly to our clients websites to assist in sharing their sustainability journey with authenticity.

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