Climate-Friendly Commerce: Open Innovators

The Open Innovator project aims to provide climate-friendly commerce solutions to sustainable start-up businesses. The aim is to leverage open-source frameworks to help kick-start new sustainable focused eCommerce.

Open Innovators is a new initiative launched by the Fedobe group, focused on the concept of climate-friendly commerce. Fedobe have been providing market-leading solutions since 2010, and they are now looking to open up their expertise to sustainability-focused businesses. 

To support and encourage sustainable eCommerce, the Open-Innovator program will offer Fedobe’s matured Open-Source frameworks for eCommerce free of charge. 

Starting a new eCommerce business is a considerable challenge. Starting a new eCom business with a focus on sustainability and purpose can be close to impossible. This is where the Open-Innovators program can assist with free technology to try and drive forward the concept of climate-friendly commerce.

Infographic showing the business focus for climate-friendly commerce
Infographic showing the business focus for climate-friendly commerce

Climate-Friendly Commerce

Some people may argue that climate-friendly commerce is impossible. When you look at the data, it’s hard to disagree, as our desire for consumption has caused a great deal of environmental damage.

The challenge, however, is being realistic. Are we suddenly going to change consumer habits developed over decades? While people are becoming more eco-minded, the real problem is making commerce less damaging to the environment in the short term.

This is the fundamental of climate-friendly commerce. Utilising technology to help brands with purpose and a focus on a sustainable future eCommerce.


Technology can help to bring new sustainability-focused ideas to life, and this is the exact purpose of the Open Innovator project. Offering theĀ FedobeĀ eCommerce frameworks free of charge can help bring to life sustainable business ideas that may not have been otherwise.

The process works as follows:

  • 1. Application & Feasibility
  • 2. Validation & Prototyping
  • 3. Funding & Development
  • 4. Deployment & Support
Infographic showing Open Innovators Climate-Friendly Commerce Application Process
Infographic showing Open Innovators Climate-Friendly Commerce Application Process

Interested businesses can apply via the Open Innovators website, with the Fedobe team reviewing ideas and then engaging with teams to discuss in more detail.

Climate-Friendly Commerce Examples

Some examples of the businesses to take advantage of the Open Innovators project include:

Applications can be made directly via the Open Innovators website

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